Triple Burner Cast Iron Boiling Ring 9.2kw

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Power Up Your Outdoor Cooking with the Triple Burner Boiling Ring (9.2kW)!

This powerhouse features three cast iron burners for rapid boiling and even heat distribution, perfect for tackling any outdoor cooking challenge. The precise brass needle valve control lets you fine-tune the flame for simmering delicate sauces or searing meat to perfection.

Fuel your culinary adventures:

  • Ideal for propane gas: This readily available fuel source ensures you’re always ready to cook.
  • Perfect for outdoor catering: Whether you’re a professional caterer or a camping enthusiast, this boiling ring delivers the power and control you need.

The Triple Burner Boiling Ring is your key to:

  • Faster boiling times: Get water to a rolling boil in no time.
  • Even heat distribution: No more hot and cold spots on your pan.
  • Precise temperature control: Simmer or sear with confidence.
  • Outdoor cooking versatility: Cater events or whip up a delicious camp meal – the possibilities are endless!

Upgrade your outdoor cooking experience.

Order your Triple Burner Boiling Ring today!

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