Ceramic BBQ Black Monolith Basic

£749.00 Inc. VAT

Monolith Basic: Where Grilling Essentials Meet Uncompromising Quality

Forget bells and whistles, the Monolith Basic strips grilling back to its essence – fiery flavour, exceptional heat control, and pure, unadulterated grilling joy.

This ceramic Kamado powerhouse doesn’t need fancy features to impress; it simply delivers unwavering performance and timeless design,

making it the ideal choice for grilling purists and budget-conscious connoisseurs alike.

Embrace the grill that defines simplicity:

  • Ceramic Mastery: Experience the unmatched insulation and heat control of genuine Monolith ceramics. From searing steaks to slow-smoking ribs, the Basic holds your desired temperature effortlessly, guaranteeing perfect results every time.
  • Precision Airflow: The intuitive air vent system grants you complete control over the fire, allowing you to fine-tune smoke and heat with ease. Master the elements, master the grill.
  • Ample Space for Grilling Adventures: The generous 46 cm diameter grill surface lets you cook for 4-6 hungry guests, while the sturdy stainless-steel grate provides the perfect platform for searing, smoking, and everything in between.
  • Built to Last: Handcrafted from weatherproof ceramics and high-grade stainless steel, the Basic is an investment in grilling legacy. It’s your reliable companion for countless backyard feasts, season after season.
  • Monolith Quality, Uncompromised: Even without the bells and whistles, the Basic carries the hallmark Monolith quality in every detail. From the smooth finish to the intuitive design, you’ll feel the difference in every step of the grilling experience.

The Monolith Basic is more than just a grill, it’s a statement. It’s a testament to the fact that true grilling mastery lies in the fundamentals.

Focus on fire, flavour, and technique, and let the Basic’s unwavering performance and timeless design elevate your grilling experiences to new heights.

Embrace the grilling essentials. Unleash the Monolith Basic today.

It includes a Lifetime Ceramic Warranty for peace of mind

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