Smokeless Fire Pit Hofats Moon With High Stand

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Available August 31, 2024.

Unleash the Magic of Fire, Without the Smoke: Introducing the Hofats Moon Fire Pit

Imagine: crackling flames dancing in the night, casting a warm glow on your loved ones. Now, picture this – all without the choking smoke or irritated eyes. The Hofats Moon Fire Pit makes it a reality.

This isn’t your average fire pit. The Moon’s sleek, modern design elevates any outdoor space, but its true beauty lies in its revolutionary smokeless technology.

The Science Behind the Spectacle:

The Moon’s secret weapon? Wood gasification technology. This innovative system burns even the smallest wood particles, resulting in virtually smokeless flames, especially with pellets.

Say goodbye to smoky evenings:

  • Breathe Easy: Enjoy the ambience of a fire without compromising air quality, perfect for families and eco-conscious individuals.
  • Uninterrupted Comfort: Relax and unwind without smoke getting in the way.
  • Versatile Placement: Take the Moon anywhere in your outdoor space, transforming it into a cosy haven.
  • Effortless Maintenance: Minimal ash and debris mean less cleaning and more time enjoying the fire.
  • Safety First: Sturdy base and heat-resistant materials ensure peace of mind.

Fire from Another Planet:

Experience a captivating sea of flames that dances for up to two hours when fueled with pellets. No need for constant refilling – just endless warmth and mesmerizing fire.

Two Stands, Endless Possibilities:

Choose the perfect stand for your mood – a sleek stainless steel for a modern touch or a cast iron stand for a classic campfire vibe.

Firewood or Pellets? You Choose!

The Moon offers ultimate versatility. Enjoy the traditional campfire experience with firewood, or switch to pellets for extended, smokeless burning.

Transform your outdoor space into a magical haven. Order your Hofats Moon Fire Pit today!

  • Also available with a Low-Level Stand 
  • Scope of delivery: MOON 45 outer and inner bowl, fire grate, ashtray, extension nozzle, high stand

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