Big Pig Oven Smoker Adapter Plate

£49.95 Inc. VAT

Big Pig Oven Smoker Adapter Plate

Turn your garden into an entertainment Mecca.

You’ll need the Big Pig Oven Smoker Adapter Plate In order to use our Oven Smoker attachment on your Big Pig,

The Big Pig Adapter Plate creates a safe mounting for the Oven Smoker and includes a retaining system for safety and stability.

Two strong bars and a long bolt are then fitted to the smoker and Big Pig, retaining the unit safely and securely.

Our Oven Smoker is an addition to the range that’ll have you cooking delicious American-style low & slow-cooked meats, wood-fired pizzas, roasts, and even desserts and cakes in no time at all! Sitting on top of the Big Pig,

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