Pit Barrel Cooker Barbecue and Smoker Grill PBC Bundle

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Elevate Your Culinary Legacy with the Bespoke Pit Barrel® Cooker

Discerning grill aficionados, are you yearning for an excellent addition to your culinary repertoire?

Look no further than the award-winning 18.5″ Classic Pit Barrel® Cooker,

a bespoke masterpiece designed to elevate your outdoor dining experiences to unparalleled heights.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this quintessential drum cooker seamlessly blends unwavering functionality with uncompromising quality.


  • Effortless mastery: Impress your esteemed guests with restaurant-quality dishes, effortlessly prepared. The Pit Barrel’s revolutionary 360° heat circulation guarantees flawless results every time, from succulent brisket to delicate vegetables.
  • Let the Pit Barrel handle the intricacies while you enjoy the company of your discerning guests.
  • Unrivalled capacity: Host lavish gatherings with confidence. This magnificent cooker boasts unmatched capacity, easily accommodating 8 racks of premium ribs, 2-to 3 generously sized pork shoulders, or even two succulent turkeys. No need for multiple grills or limitations – cater to exquisite palates in grand style.
  • Exclusive ownership: Indulge in the distinguished pleasure of owning a coveted Pit Barrel. Handcrafted with premium materials and boasting an award-winning design, this is not merely a grill; it’s a statement piece reflecting your discerning taste and appreciation for culinary excellence.
  • Effortless indulgence: The Pit Barrel prioritizes your time. The comprehensive PBC Bundle includes everything you need to start grilling like a culinary virtuoso, from the impeccably crafted 30-gallon steel drum to the premium chimney starter and convenient hinged grill grate. Simply unpack, ignite, and prepare to be enthralled.

Owning the Pit Barrel® Cooker is not simply about grilling; it’s about elevating your culinary legacy.

It’s a coveted possession for those who appreciate uncompromising quality, effortless excellence, and the art of entertaining in grand style.

Secure your exclusive Pit Barrel® Cooker today and embark on a journey of culinary mastery.

  • PBC Bundle Includes:
  • 30 Gallon Steel Drum + Lid
  • 8 Stainless Steel Hooks
  • 2 Steel Hanging Rods
  • Charcoal Basket
  • Standard Grill Grate
  • Chimney Starter
  • Hinged Grill Grate
  • Ash Pan
  • Drum cover
  • PBC Gloves

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