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The Joy Of An Outdoor Pizza Oven

As a garden chef, you take every opportunity you can to head outdoors and cook garden and farm-fresh meals for friends and family. As you look for ways to expand your outdoor kitchen you might be considering a pizza oven. Pizza is ideal for serving large groups because everyone can eat at once, and who doesn’t love pizza?

Why A Pizza Oven?

Even if you won’t be eating outdoors you can pop outside to your new pizza oven anytime you want to bake a pizza from scratch. Sure, you could use your indoor oven—but pizza always tastes better in a wood, brick, clay, or gas pizza oven with wood chips. And of course, making the pizza from scratch yourself will always make it taste better but if you don’t have time you can always buy a fresh pizza and cook it the way pizza should be cooked, in a wood-fired or gas pizza oven!

Why? Without getting too scientific, in your indoor oven the dough and toppings cook from the top and the bottom at the same temperature. This often leaves you with the perfect dough, but under-cooked toppings—or perfect toppings and crunchy dough.

Your new oven is designed to cook both the dough and the toppings at the perfect temperature, which means cooking at a temperature that is far higher than most conventional ovens can reach. You and your guests will taste the difference!

Not Just For Pizza

Pizza may be your top priority, but you can use your new oven to cook everything from bread to meat, seafood, veggies, and dessert. The sky is the limit, just be sure you use a recipe designed for pizza ovens as cooking times will vary greatly.

Explore Our Outdoor Ovens Now

Garden Chefs has a variety of outdoor pizza ovens to choose from with a wide range of features and price points. Also, a variety of designs aesthetics, as to how your new oven fits in with your garden or outdoor kitchen is sure to be a determining factor.

We invite you to browse our hand-picked luxury outdoor ovens now!

£5,688.00 Inc. VAT
Out of stock

Outdoor Pizza Oven

Milano Deluxe Pizza Oven

£949.99 Inc. VAT
£922.00 Inc. VAT Available February 28, 2022.
Out of stock

Outdoor Cooking

Outdoor Pizza Oven UK

£848.99 Inc. VAT
Out of stock
£848.99 Inc. VAT

Outdoor Pizza Oven

Verona Deluxe Gas Pizza Oven

£699.99 Inc. VAT
£699.00 Inc. VAT Available February 28, 2022.
Out of stock
£599.99 Inc. VAT

Outdoor Pizza Oven

Ember Pizza Oven

£317.70 Inc. VAT

Outdoor Pizza Oven

Ember Pizza Oven Bundle

£268.97 Inc. VAT

Outdoor Pizza Oven

Portable Wood Fired Pizza Oven

£239.99 Inc. VAT

BBQ Accessories

Pizza Peel Set

£68.99 Inc. VAT
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