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Create Warmth And Ambience With Your New Outdoor Fire Pit

Adding a fire pit to your garden or patio enables you to enjoy the fresh air when the weather starts to cool down. In addition to adding warmth, a crackling fire creates light and ambience. As an outdoor enthusiast, feel free to grab a fire-safe stick to make s’mores or fire-roasted veggies.

What To Look For In A Garden Fire Pit

We are always mindful of offering garden accessories that are budget-friendly, which is why Garden Chefs has several options under £150. While you may be able to find cheaper options elsewhere, it must never be at the cost of quality. Fire is no laughing matter which is why safety must always come first.

We hand select every outdoor pit, and only high-quality steel or cast iron makes the cut. Your new pit must never be left unattended, but you can rest assured that every pit you see below has safety standards built-in.

A Decorative Addition

While safety is our top priority you want your steel fire pit to be a decorative addition to your outdoor living space. From vintage-inspired wood ovens to sleek and modern fire pits, and enclosed garden fire pits. We have a variety of styles to choose from. Some are super low to the ground while others have a bit of height. Some are compact and some are oversized. It’s entirely up to you!

Browse Our Outdoor Fireplaces Now

Whether you call it a pit or a fireplace we have what you are looking for. Or if an outdoor fireplace isn’t quite the right fit browse our outdoor heaters, outdoor pizza ovens, and luxury barbecues

Be sure to check back soon as Garden Chefs is always adding innovative new outdoor options for your patio and garden!

Outdoor Fire Pit

Glowbus Dewdrop M L XL

£3,795.00£9,735.00 Inc. VAT
£619.31 Inc. VAT
Out of stock
£599.00 Inc. VAT
£521.38 Inc. VAT
£473.88 Inc. VAT
£473.87 Inc. VAT Available June 28, 2021.
£438.00 Inc. VAT
£413.10 Inc. VAT
£411.26 Inc. VAT

Charcoal Barbecue

Fire Pit With BBQ

£379.00 Inc. VAT
£378.96 Inc. VAT


Höfats Cube

£349.00 Inc. VAT
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