20 Best Fire Pits Of 2023 – Bring The Heat To Your Garden!

20 Best Fire Pits Of 2021 Bring The Heat To Your Garden

The intense heat of the fire provides a warm and comforting feeling, one that many people look for when they’re looking for a place to enjoy their evenings or even on their chilly winter days with friends and family.

Fire pits are an excellent way to get that warmth while being outdoors and we can all agree that a garden get-together without a fire pit is NOT complete.

Still, wondering why? Well, just think about these for a second.

The soothing sounds of crackling wood, the warmth of the flame, and the unmistakable scent of smoke reminds you of youthful camping trips with family and friends.

Can you relate now :)?

However, with so many options these days for having a bonfire in your garden, how do you choose what one to buy? Another thing to look at is if you have no money to burn, what fire pits can you afford?

Keep reading, because in this article, we will share with you 20 of the best outdoor fire pits that bring heat to your garden.

Without further ado let’s get started!

First Thing First, What Do You Need To Know About Fire Pits Manufacturing Process?

Many people think that it is important to have a fire pit in their garden for the added ambience and family bonding.

But, many also overlook how much work and time goes into manufacturing these products.

They must be made with care because they can pose a serious hazard if not constructed properly!

The manufacturing process for fire pits is quite intricate.

Manufacturers start by acquiring raw materials and supplies, such as steel and corten steel, and cutting them to the appropriate size.

Engineers then design a prototype model of the fire pit, which can take days if there are too many design flaws to correct.

Following this process, manufacturers must put together a detailed plan on how the finished product will be manufactured to make it economically feasible for production and to meet safety standards.

The manufacturing process for fire pits includes obtaining materials, such as steel and granite, and cutting them to the appropriate size.

From there, it is necessary to assemble all of the pieces into the final product.

Since the process is very complex and requires a lot of skills, the quality of the product is determined by the hands that make it, therefore we are very proud to present you our 20 best fire pits along with tools for an unforgettable outdoor experience!

What Are The Different Types of Fire Pits?

Fire pits come in many sizes and materials and can be placed on a hearth, patio, porch, or deck so you can find one that fits your needs and budget.

They can be used for cooking and heating as well as for entertainment purposes.

There are four main categories:

  • The garden.
  • The patio.
  • The beach.
  • Camping. 

The one that you will want to use depends on whether you’re in your garden, relaxing on your patio, taking short camping trips or having fun down the beach with family and friends.

Garden fire pits work best for those with lots of space as a permanent fixture.

When it comes to fire pit types, there are:

  • Natural gas.
  • Wood-burning.
  • Propane-powered.

Along with metal or steel, stone or brick outdoor fireplaces.

Besides, you can also choose from an open-air design or a traditional design that is enclosed in a frame with mesh material on all sides.

There are also multiple sizes of fire pits in both designs, so you can find one with the right size for your needs.

So, if you’re looking for a way to create an experience of warmth and relaxation, the type you decide to purchase will depend on your design preferences and the location of the fire pit.

Best Tips For Using A Fire Pit

 Most people view fire pits as an indulgent way to enjoy the outdoors during cooler months, but others see it as a luxury that could turn into a dangerous situation.

Though fire pits are generally safe when used properly, there are precautions you should take to avoid any unwanted accidents.

Keep reading for some helpful fire pit safety tips.

 There are many benefits to using a fire pit in your garden, it can be used in all seasons, and can even be used as a decorative piece year-round.

As the outdoor temperatures drop, you’ll be able to use it for a bit of warmth and cosiness without having to heat the whole garden.

They are an excellent way to spend time outdoors on a cool evening.

They might not seem like it, but fire pits can be dangerous. With the help of some good safety tips, you can keep your fire pit fun and safe for all of your guests. 

There are many things you need before you start your fire, including firewood, firelighters, matches, a lighter, small sticks or logs to get the fire started, and something to cover the fire pit with when it is not in use.

Here are some fire pit safety tips to take into consideration:

  • Always ventilate properly to avoid carbon monoxide poisoning. 
  • Keep children and pets away to avoid burns and other injuries. 
  • Use only the appropriate fuel to avoid hazardous situations.
  • Avoid smoke inhalation.
  • Do not sit too close to the fire pit. 

Key takeaway: Fires are inherently risky, so it would be wise to exercise caution around the fire pit. They should always be positioned on non-flammable surfaces – like concrete or gravel – and away from any flammable objects.

20 Best Fire Pits For Your Garden or Patio To Keep You Warm

One of the most popular ways to enjoy a night outdoors is sitting around a fire.

Fire pits are a necessary feature for many homes.

And, with so many options for naturally burning wood, steel, or gas fires, it can be hard to choose which one will suit your needs best. 

So, if you’re in the market for a great fire pit, here are some of the best ones to look at:

Modern Fire Pit
  1. Cook Kings Porto Modern Fire Pit  (£179.00 Inc. VAT)

Lighting up Porto’s modern fire pit and enjoying a cosy evening in the garden is something we at Garden Chefs love to do!

Porto is a high-quality steel Modern Fire Pit that looks stunning as a heat and light source.

Or, you can team Porto with the fire pit tripod so it can be used as an excellent BBQ.

Key Features:

  • Large 80cm fire pit.
  • Robust quality steel.
  • Hand-finished for quality.
  • The ring design looks great and adds detail.
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  1. Cook Kings Bali Garden Fire Pit (£115.00 – £229.00 Inc. VAT)

We all love keeping warm by a nice log fire no matter what the occasion,

The Bali garden fire pit is made from solid hand-finished steel and comes in 3 sizes and lots of accessories.

The Bali Garden Fire Pit is a great masterpiece for any garden party!

Key Features:

  • Heavy-duty fire pit.
  • High-quality hand-finished steel.
  • Choose from 3 sizes.
  • Excellent accessories are available for the 80cm fire pit.
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Hofats Triple
  1. Höfats Triple 90 Bundle (£411.26 Inc. VAT)

Meet Höfats Triple, the designer fire pit with excellent form and functionality!

Triple is a sculptural designer fire bowl made of corten steel.

Key Features:

  • Easy to store
  • Easy to disassemble, compact transport dimensions
  • High-end accessories included for grilling and cooking

Bundle Deal Includes:

  • Triple 90 firepit
  • 1 x 55cm grill plate
  • 1 x Triple table
  • 1 x Triple pole 55
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cube kwt 2018 0880 scaled
  1. Höfats Cube Bundle Deal (£521.38 Inc. VAT)

Höfats Cube is a cool-looking fire pit that has an ingenious and unique way to extinguish a fire by simply turning the cube over to encase the embers within the base and safely extinguish the fire

Key Features:

  • Leave no mess with this unique fire pit
  • Can be used as a BBQ
  • Use as a seat or side table
  • Great for camping and trips to the beach

Bundle Deal Includes:

  • The Cube fire pit
  • Cube board
  • Grill plate
  • 1 x griddle plate
  • Cover
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prestige fire pit
  1. Lifestyles Prestige Extra Large Fire Pit (£249.98 Inc. VAT)

The prestige Extra Large Fire Pit is the largest firepit in our range, and is quite likely the largest in the marketplace!

It stands at a massive 1.5 meters high with an impressive 80cm diameter, so it’s perfect for plenty of logs and a great fire.

This wood-burning statement piece is made from pressed steel. With a brushed copper finish, it provides the perfect rustic touch to any garden or outdoor space.

This Extra Large Fire Pit also features a 360 protective screen, ash catcher, and large hinged door.


Key Features:

  • Extra-large fire pit.
  • 150cm tall.
  • 360-degree heating.
  • In stock for fast delivery.
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Garden Stove

6. Cook Kings Rosa Garden Stove (£299.00 Inc. VAT)

The Rosa Garden stove is a great product to gather around on a chilly evening. It will give you a great heat source as well as its interesting design.

It stands at a whopping 150cm tall and as with all of the outdoor fire pits in our range it is built using high-quality steel.

Boasting an integrated log store, meaning there’s plenty of timber to hand, so you can just sit relax and enjoy!

Key Features:

  • Durable high-quality steel.
  • Stunning design.
  • Easy to use.
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AM5D3017 ps retusche 1 scaled
  1. Designer Fire Pit BBQ Höfats Bowl (£249.00 – £299.00 Inc. VAT)

Hofats Designer Fire Pit is stunning to look at yet functional to use!

The Höfats Bowl is a contemporary fire pit and BBQ of stunning design and functionality.

This beautiful-looking fire bowl has an array of accessories, you can get a great deal from this designer fire pit and BBQ.

Choose either the wire base or tripod stand for different height uses. or check out our accessories to grab both.

Use it as a fire pit on a level plane, or due to its clever design, tilt the bowl towards your seating area to direct the heat on windy days.

The hofats bowl is worth it for this feature alone!

Key Features:

  • Hofats Bowl.
  • Designer BBQ / Fire Pit.
  • Lots of options for use.
  • German design.
  • In stock in the UK.
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  1. Fire Pit With BBQ (£360.05 Inc. VAT)

This is the perfect Fire Pit With a BBQ bundle for all occasions.

The very large 80cm fire bowl is made from high-quality steel which has been hand-finished to a high standard 

Cook Kings Fire Pit With a BBQ is great for both fires and cooking alike

Key Features:

  • Includes a large-high-quality 80cm fire pit.
  • Includes a sturdy tripod with an 80cm steel grate.
  • Includes an 80cm steel plancha plate with a searing grill.
  • Save 5% on RRP with this exclusive bundle deal.
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Outdoor Firepit
  1. Cook Kings Viking Outdoor Firepit (£179.00 Inc. VAT)

Enjoy style and durability with the Outdoor Firepit made from quality steel.

Bring warmth and light to evenings spent in the garden with this large, 80cm, heavy-duty fire pit.

Gather round and enjoy that unmistakable crackle and aroma a log fire gives you

There’s plenty of room for logs, so you’ll get a good fire going!

Key Features:

  • Large 80 cm outdoor fire pit.
  • Sits at the perfect height.
  • Stunning design.
  • High-quality hand-finished steel.
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  1. Glowbus Dewdrop M L XL (£3,795.00 – £9,735.00 Inc. VAT)

Glowbus Dewdrop takes an evening around a crackling fire into a completely different dimension!

An eye-catcher during the day, a picturesque source of luxury in the evening. Discover your new world of elemental fire with this stunning handmade corten steel fire pit.

Key Features:

  • Durable Materials.
  • Handmade from corten steel
  • Comes in 3 sizes
  • Weather resistance.
  • Zero Maintenance.
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hoefats 2017 beer box plansee me 0531 retuschiert scaled
  1. Höfats Beer Box Fire Pit And BBQ (£129.00 Inc. VAT)

The Höfats beer box is an ingenious product great for camping trips and days out.

When you go on a camping trip having a product with many uses is a real bonus.

The beer box is made to carry drinks, whether it is bottles of beer or wine or both it is ideal

As with all the products in the Höfats range, one use is not enough!

Use it as a sturdy fire pit, great to sit around and chat about the day’s events!

Key Features:

  • Add the grill to use as a BBQ.
  • Add the board to use as a seat.
  • Integrated bottle opener.
  • Made from corten steel.
  • Ages to a rusty corten steel finish.
  • In stock in the UK.
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Large Fire Pit
  1. Cook King Polo Large Fire Pit (£165.00 Inc. VAT)

You can use our Polo Large Fire Pit as an excellent BBQ by adding the fire pit tripod.

Add the steel lid and you’ll be able to extinguish the fire at the end of the night. The steel lid also offers protection from the weather.

Order the 80cm mesh cover which will reduce the number of sparks that fly from your fire. This product is also available in a 60cm version.

Key Features:

  • Large 80cm fire pit.
  • Sits at the perfect height.
  • Classic design.
  • High-quality hand-finished steel.
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Patio Fire Pit
  1. Patio Fire Pit Cook King Dubai Fire Pit (£121.50 Inc. VAT)

The patio fire pit you’ll love firing up!

At Garden Chefs we love to be outdoors as we are sure you do.

Our Patio Fire Pit Cook King Dubai Fire Pit sleek modern low-level design will give you lots of heat right where you need it!

Key Features:

  • Large 80cm fire pit.
  • Stunning low-level design.
  • High-quality hand-finished steel.
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large fire bowl 1
  1. Large Fire Bowl Cook-King (£299.00 Inc. VAT)

The Large Fire Bowl Cook-King design will look great in any garden, it’s a classic design with a modern twist!

Key Features: 

  • Large 100cm fire bowl.
  • Robust quality steel.
  • Hand-finished for quality.
  • Delivered Fast.
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large fire bowl
  1. Small Fire Bowl Cook-King (£159.00 Inc. VAT)

Similar to the larger version, enjoy a cosy evening in the garden with the Porto Small Fire Bowl by Cook-King.

Key Features:

  • Small fire bowl.
  • 60cm Porto fire pit.
  • Robust quality steel.
  • Hand-finished for quality.
  • The ring design looks great and adds detail.
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Outdoor Wood Burner
  1. Cook King Faro Outdoor Wood Burner (£269.00 Inc. VAT)

The Outdoor Wood Burning is a very sturdy handmade steel outdoor log burner.

It will give heat, light, and a superb atmosphere to evening barbecue parties, family gatherings, or social events.

It will create an impressive but very cosy warming feature that everyone will want to sit or stand around and enjoy.

The vertical design means the heat is raised and is right where you want it

Hand-made with passion and care.

Key Features:

  • High-quality steel.
  • Hand-finished for quality.
  • Delivers heat at the perfect height.
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square fire pit
  1. Square Fire Pit (£139.00 Inc. VAT)

Garden Chefs has handpicked this Square Fire Pit because of its superior quality and stunning looks.

Like all of the fire bowls in our range, this fire pit is made from high-quality steel and is hand-finished for quality.

Key Features:

  • Large square fire pit.
  • High-quality steel.
  • Hand-finished for quality.
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Hofats cube rusty
  1. Höfats Cube Rusty (£299.00 Inc. VAT)

The Höfats Cube Rusty is an ingenious product with many uses.

First and foremost it’s a durable fire pit that is great for use at the beach, on a camping trip, or just in your garden at home.

It’s also a handy BBQ! Plus, use the cube as a seat or a handy side table.

So, bring some warmth and light to your evenings spent in the garden, with this large square fire pit.

Key Features:

  • Höfats Cube Rusty.
  • Multi-purpose product.
  • Leave no mess with this unique fire pit.
  • Can be used as a BBQ.
  • Use it as a seat or side table.
  • Great for camping and trips to the beach.
  • In stock in the UK.
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Large Fire Pit
  1. Small Fire Pit Cook King (£125.10 Inc. VAT)

Enjoy value for money with the robust, Small Fire Pit Cook King.

Bring warmth and light to evenings spent in the garden with this 60cm heavy-duty fire pit.

Gather round and enjoy that unmistakable crackle and aroma a log fire gives you

There’s plenty of room for logs so you’ll get a good fire going!

Key Features:

  • 60cm fire pit.
  • Sits at the perfect height.
  • Classic design.
  • High-quality hand-finished steel.
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fire bowl
  1. Fire Bowl 80cm Haiti (£139.00 Inc. VAT)

The Haiti 80cm firepit will give you everything you need from a garden fire pit.

And because of its large size, you will get a cosy warm fire with plenty of atmosphere.

Plus, from the moment you unpack your new fire bowl, you’ll feel the quality, due to the thicker, more robust steel!

  • Large 80cm fire bowl.
  • Robust chunky design.
  • Hand-finished high-quality steel.
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Best Fire Pits – Final Thoughts

The cool crisp nights of autumn are quickly approaching

This time of year provides great opportunities to get outdoors and enjoy the autumn foliage and your favourite outdoor activities.

For some, there’s nothing like sitting around a roaring campfire with friends and family roasting marshmallows, and making unforgettable memories!

Grab one of the fire pits mentioned in this article and enjoy amazing outdoor experiences with your loved ones!

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